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Assemblages robotisés

The old French thermal regulation (RT2012) is transformed into an environmental regulation and foreshadows the need to make life cycle analyzes (LCA) by considering end-of-life scenarios. In a global context of depletion of resources and accumulation of waste (40% of them coming from the demolition of buildings), designing deconstructible structures therefore seems obvious.


Advances in robotics and generative design make it possible to implement this circular economy model. The inspiration of ancestral techniques, such as Japanese joinery is crossed with the implementation of optimization algorithms allowing to design assemblies with a minimum of mechanical connectors and total reversibility.


Non-sequential assemblies, which require the simultaneous assembly of several elements, constitute one of the lines of research in progress.


Team: Olivier Baverel , Romain Mesnil , Pierre Gilibert, Julien Glath.

Alumni: Thomas Gandolphe (currently an engineer at Elioth)

Partners: Tristan Gobin (HAL Robotics)

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