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Recherche & Développement

Research within the platform is structured around three main axes.

New materials and design processes


The constructive processes are the result of a compromise between material, technology and economy. The arrival of new processes in the manufacturing industry, such as additive manufacturing, has led designers to rethink the design of certain elements, with substantial gains in terms of cost and performance. These new technologies require a holistic and integrative approach to be deployed in the construction industry.















Robotics for the construction site

While the development of prefabrication remains one of the major development challenges for the construction industry, the construction site will remain the heart of the process. The automation of construction sites involves several innovations, notably around expert vision and artificial intelligence, and assembly processes. The DiXite - Digital Construction Site project, winner of ANR funding, is based on the Build'in platform.

01 - Machine learning et vision.png

Digital for eco-orientated design


Eco-design requires the integration of low-impact materials and processes, but also to be able to quantify these impacts. 
This is what the Navier laboratory proposes, notably through the development of databases and LCA methodologies for the new constructive methods related to digital technologies.


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