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Our services

The platform provides state-of-the-art equipment for large-scale exploration in all contexts, from R&D to training, including innovation and the promotion of research.

Access to facilities

The Build'in platform provides its equipment for industrial partners or in the context of academic collaborations. Among the tools and processes implemented, there are: pick and place, shaping, robotic structural assemblies, concrete or clay 3D printing .


The provision of equipment is accompanied by the advice and expertise of the platform staff.



In addition to Research and Development, the platform aims to support companies by providing its experts, researchers, engineers and technicians. The expertise of the platform's experts can be used to carry out feasibility studies or identify technological or economic obstacles linked to innovations relating to the use of digital technology in construction.


Scientific advisory missions in progress relate to the design of innovative urban furniture, studies on new offshore energies, or construction projects in 3D printing.


Canopee Structures.jpg

Continuing education

The digital turn in construction can only be done with specific and new skills, which lack in most companies to this date. In particular, the integration of BIM and digital manufacturing processes into design processes are new themes where trained people are still scarce.


The École des Ponts supports thi transformation through dedicated training, such as Digital Building Design Specialized Masters® or the Specialized Masters® BIM, Integrated design and life cycle of buildings and infrastructures.

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