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Building systems for 3d printing

After revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, 3D printing has burst into the construction world. Materials science and robotics are essential to the development of this technology, but an in-depth reflection must be carried out to propose relevant construction systems implementing 3D printing.


The objective of this research project is to propose efficient structural systems for 3d printing that minimize the amount of material used. This multidisciplinary research confronts structural engineering, multi-criteria optimization tools, and study of historical structures.


An ongoing thesis on the printing of overhangs investigates the construction of masonry structures without formwork in antiquity and the Middle Age.


Team: Olivier Baverel, Romain Mesnil, Paul Carneau, Leo Demont, Mahan Motamedi

Academic collaborations: Justin Dirrenberger (ENSAM), Nicolas Roussel (IFSTTAR)

Industrial collaborations: LafargeHolcim, XTreeE

Alumni: Romain Duballet (XTreeE)

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