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Digital reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete is by far the most widely used building material in the world. The challenges of the ecological transition require an in-depth rethinking of the design and implementation of reinforced concrete, in order to build more efficiently and more sustainably. This implies a fundamental change in an industry which has known only a few technological revolutions disseminated on a large scale since the introduction of prestressing in the middle of the twentieth century.


This project is a joint work between the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, via the Navier laboratory, and ISC, a subsidiary of Vinci, a global player in construction and concessions. A thesis re-explores technologies, environmental impact and certifications linked to reinforced concrete, in the light of digital technology and robotics. The first applications relate to lightweight reinforced concrete beams, which consume less raw material, but also to the constructive rationalization of reinforcement cages.


Team: Sebastien Maitenaz, Romain Mesnil, Jean-François Caron

Industrial collaborations: Nicolas Metge (ISC), Paul ONfroy (ISC)

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