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Complex wooden structures

The use of bio-sourced materials is often presented as a necessary step for the environmental transition of construction. The wood industry is undoubtedly the most automated branch of the construction industry and owes its development to investments in industrial facilities. If the machining is mastered by SMEs equipped with CNC, the question of assembling machined components in a context of prefabrication remains open. The potential opened up by complex geometries, which are more economical in terms of material, remains largely to be explored.


Several experiments have been carried out in this direction since 2017, in particular within the framework of the teaching module Construire le Courbe at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. A recurring collaboration with Würth France companies, Simonin Bois allows research to be confronted with current industrial issues.


Team: Cyril Douthe , Olivier Baverel , Romain Mesnil

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